Van Rental Omagh

Value Van Rental offer low cost van rental in Omagh. We have an impressive fleet that has something to suit everyone’s requirements. To get a quote on your preferred vehicle, visit our website and enter in the dates you would wish to rent, and we will give you a competitive rate. Rates are subject to change on different dates. Here are some of the vehicles available to rent in Omagh.

Refrigerated Van Rental Omagh

This van is the ideal choice if you are delivering or moving goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature. These fridge/freezer vans come in different sizes which is perfect for keeping foods fresh upon delivery.

Box Body Van Hire Omagh

One of the more popular models in our fleet, the box body van is the perfect choice if you have large objects to move from one location to another. You can fit boxes right into the corners of the van given its shape, and it has a tail lift fitted at the rear of the van to assist with loading and unloading heavy objects.

Tipper and Side Drop Vans in Leitrim

The primary purpose of the tipper van is to make the unloading of the trailer easier. The front of the trailer has the ability to rise up to an angle where its contents can slide off seamlessly. Our side drop vans have the ability to unhook the sides of the trailers to allow for easier unloading of heavier objects.

Curtain Side Tail Lift Van Hire Omagh

A perfect van rental if you are transporting things like pallets. The sides of the van are like curtains, as they can be pulled to one side to allow swift and simple loading and unloading of goods on the van. The van also comes with an attached tail lift to help with the lifting.

Car and SUV Rental Omagh

If you are searching for a more personal rental, why not take a look at the range of cars and 4X4’s we have available on our website. Some of the cars and SUV’s we have include Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Mitsubishi.

Mini Van and Mini Bus Hire Omagh

We have a number of people carriers available for rent from our fleet for trips that involve a larger number of people. Take a look at our range of larger vehicles that seat anywhere between 9 and 17 people.

We have a number of leasing options on offer at Value Van Rental, including:

  • Short Term Van Rental

    If you are looking to hire a van or car for a short period, this would be the right option for you
  • Long Term Lease

    This would be the option you’d look at if you were out to rent a vehicle for a number of months. Our long term leasing rates are very competitive.
  • Contract Hire Van Rental

    Our contract hire leases are for those customers who are renting on behalf of a business, or are VAT registered individuals. You rent out a vehicle for a fixed period of time, with a fixed mileage limit and a fixed rate.
  • Flexi Lease

    Flexi Lease is like contract hire, but without any fixed contract. The usual rental period on this lease is between 1 and 24 months, but can be extended up to 60 months. The contract renews every 28 days if you have not cancelled.

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