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We proudly serve all areas of Tyrone, including:
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  • Van Hire Cookstown
  • Van Rental Dungannon
  • Van Hire Strabane
A lot of the vans we have in our fleet are purpose built for particular jobs. Take a look below at just some of the vehicles available to rent on our website.

Box Body Van Rental Tyrone

Our box body vans are great for large deliveries or to move larger objects from A to B. The large amount of storage space makes the transporting of the likes of furniture and home appliances. The van comes with a tail lift to assist with lifting heavy items on and off the back of the van.

Refrigerated Van Hire Tyrone

Our refrigerated vans are ideal for food delivery and for the transportation of goods that need to be kept at a particular temperature. The storage space in the back of the van is kept cool so the goods you are delivering do not get spoiled.

Crew Cab Van Rental Tyrone

Value Van Rental has 7 seater crew cab vans for those that have larger work crews going from job to job. There is comfort in the additional seats in the back, while the storage space for tools still being generous.

Car Hire Tyrone

You may be looking for a personal vehicle rental in the form of a car, we can help you with that. Our range of cars are available for both short term rental and a longer term leasing contract. Take your pick from a variety of different makes and models to suit whatever requirements you may have. Renting a van for any particular period of time can be expensive. You need to be sure you are getting the best rate possible for the period you are renting for.

Short Term Van Rental Tyrone

When you are renting a vehicle for anywhere between 1 and 28 days, it is classed as a short term rental and you will get the lowest possible rate on depending on the dates of your rental.

Long Term Van Leasing

For a rental period anywhere from 1 to 24 months. It is a great alternative to the financial strain purchasing your own van may bring. With this particular option, we give you a new vehicle every 3-5 months throughout your rental, and none f our vehicles are over 8 months old.

Contract Van Hire Tyrone

This option is great for businesses that are VAT registered. Before you drive away in your rented vehicle you will agree to a fixed rental period, a fixed rate and a fixed mileage that must be stuck to. 1-24 month rental period.

Flexi Lease Van Hire Tyrone

The flexi lease option is quite similar to contract hire, but without the fixed contract. Your rental period, rental rate and mileage limit are all subject to change. The flexi lease contract can be extended to 60 months if requested.

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